Solid Surface Shower Walls

Create that sanitary feeling without feeling the burn of your pocket
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Solid Surface for Shower Walls, offers a cost-effective method for any home to be able to remain functional and hygienic without burning deep down the budget. Solid surface does not allow water damage, stains, molds, and are highly resistant to household chemicals such as bleach or baking soda. These benefits makes them ideal for creating a low-maintenance shower room setting which stays pristine without very little effort.

Continue to shower in confidence with crystal clear and clean solid surface shower walls.

The versatility of solid surfacing and the variety of choices is perfect for creating that fresh looking shower space or upgrading your existing one. If you want a classical luxurious feel? then choose our collection of stone finishes. Feeling adventurous? then our solid color lineup is best for you. Desire something oriental and natural? then choose some of our earth tones and natural wood finishes.

Solid surfacing also offers versatility to design choices from different effects such as stone, wood, solid colors, and patterns. It can also have different shine and gloss to it. This gives you a whole range of palette to experiment with while staying on a budget. A solid surface shower wall can also last longer compared to conventional materials. It is also seamless which means there are no cracks to trap dirt and debris. It is however susceptible to scratches and burns but these are easy to sand out and make your surface good as new. Talk to us today for our professional advice.


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