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About Lalang Resources Sdn. Bhd (765538-k)

Established in 1999, Lalang Resources Sdn. Bhd (765538-k) is one of the leading suppliers of solid surface. We pride ourselves on offering building materials that combine beauty, durability and quality to create a lasting impression for any interior space.

Hailed as a specialist manufacturer of top-notch solid surface materials in Malaysia and renowned for best service and superior products, we are the esteemed creator and owner of Bensonite®, a solid surface material brand acclaimed for its durability and competitive pricing. Our products adorn the interior of living spaces and workplaces in Malaysia and across the borders in countries like Myanmar and Indonesia.

At Lalang Resources Sdn. Bhd (765538-k), we are devoted to bringing our clients closer to their dreams by providing expert solutions and exceptional materials for their homes and business premises. We specialize in creating aesthetic interior second to none with a steadfast commitment you can depend on.

We can tailor our material solutions to meet client’s specifications and budgets, making the impossible possible. Such flexibility creates a win-win situation for all.

Lalang Resources Sdn. Bhd(765538-k) strives to achieve total customer satisfaction in everything we do. Driven by the vision to be a company of excellence and eminence, we forge forward with personalized, value-added solid surface solutions without compromising professionalism and quality.

Benson Yeoh

Benson Yeoh


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Sam Foong

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Siti Hajar

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