Persona Glass™

Crystal Clear Elegance of Quality Glasswork


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Persona Glass™ is a highly-regarded name within the glassware industry with over years of experience in developing glass products and maintaining a range of clientele which includes classy establishments and individuals with exquisite taste for fine glassware.

Persona Glass has been supplying to major hotels for several years which only uses high-quality raw material and hires master craftsmen to skillfully transform raw vision and designs into beautiful pieces of are. You are assured of their commitment to quality and utmost customer satisfaction.

Whether it is providing you with a clear, smooth glassworkpieces for a conventional setting, or colored and textured glassware for a more dynamic and contemporary look, The Persona Glass™ team of in-house designers are available to help reflect your unique style into timeless pieces of glassware. Talk to us to choose your perfect glassware.

Persona Glass AST 002

AST 002

Persona glass AST 006

AST 006

Persona glass RB 002

RB 002

Persona glass AST 016

AST 016

Persona Glass RB 018

RB 018

Persona glass RP 025

AST 006

Persona glass RP 029

RB 002

Persona glass RP 030

RP 030

Persona Glass RT 006

RT 006

Persona glass RT 007

RT 007

Persona glass RT 023

RT 023

Persona glass RT 020

RT 020

Persona Glass RT 034

RT 034

Persona glass RT 038

RT 038

Persona glass SD 010

SD 010

Persona glass SD 022

SD 022

Persona Glass SG 014

SG 014

Persona glass SD 026

SD 026

Persona glass SG 024

SG 024

Persona glass SP 003

SP 003

Persona Glass SP 012

SP 012

Persona glass SP 029

SP 029

Persona glass TP 018

SG 024


We’re here to help answer your questions. Material selection matters can be complicated, our experts are on hand to help inform you of every aspect regarding your topic.

We take great pride in using our expertise for you and look forward to hearing from you.


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