The Italian Quartz Surfaces

OKITE® is a specially engineered surfacing material, created from the perfect combination of three elements: QUARTZ, POLYESTER RESIN and NATURAL PIGMENTS.

OKITE® is an iconic product that offers such a high degree of quality that only true experts can create. OKITE® is composed by up 93% of quartz, one of the strongest and most appealing elements, and it is able to give life to a truly multi functional surface.

Highly resistant to staining, heat and scratches, five times stronger than granite, non porous and easy to clean. OKITE® does not require any particular maintenance and can provide extra charme and allure to your home. OKITE® is known internationally as the ‘matter of your dreams that can transform your kitchen, your home and your interiors’.

OKITE® does not absorb liquids such as coffee, lemon juice, olive oil and vinegar. It is certified as a safe and hygienic product and ideal for the preparation of food.

It prevents the absorption of liquids or food. It also does not require any additional chemical protection and it making safe for the whole family.

Colours Range

1379 Bianco

1663 Bianco Classico

1665 Bianco Assoluto

1896 Bianco Carrara

1931 Arabescato Verde

2005 Prisma Bianco

4001 White Avion

8050 Statuario Extra

8061 Carrara Gioia

1095 Beige Chiaro

1621 Crema Caffe

1642 Crema

1715 Afyon

1926 Crema Botticino

1927 Crema Marfil


1405 Grigio Scuro

1432 Grigio Chiaro

1910 Grigio

1911 Grigio Nordico

1932 Grigio Bardiglio

4002 Ocean Grey

8062 Grigio Oriente

8063 Fior Di Bosco

1801 Verde Oriente

1931 Arabescato Verde

1114 Nero Assoluto

1804 Nero Reale

2009 Prisma Nero

8064 Nero Di Ormea




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