Samsung™ Staron® Solid Surface

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Staron® solid surface

Staron® solid surfaces manufactured by Samsung is a highly functional and aesthetic solid surface material which comes in a range of varied colors and texture effects. Staron has both commercial and residential applications making it a great material to create awe inspiring personal spaces and professional business settings.

This Samsung solid surface is known for their toughness, stain-resistance, low maintenance which is also non-porous making it hard to bacteria and mold to hide and grow. This makes it a great value for style, afforability, and functionality. Staron solid surface materials gives you the ability to transform your kitchen and bathroom into amazing designer living spaces, or create a business setting and amazing displays for your commercial establishments.

The glossy finish of the Staron® solid surface is also one of its aesthetic advantage. It offers a wide range of colors which includes cultured stone finish, simple plain culors, patterned designs, and several dozens of designs to choose from. The availability alone is enough to turn any boring living room, bathroom, kitchen, and installation into something which looks modern, sleek, and clean.

Benefits of choosing Staron® Solid Surface:

  • Dependable performance
  • Hygienic Non-porous surface
  • Dimensional Flexibility and comes in different sizes
  • Infinite Range of Colors
  • Illuminates residential and commercial environments
  • Seamless, smooth, and glossy surface
  • Assured product is of Excellent Quality

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Bright White BW010

Dazzling White SD001

Natural SV041

Pearl SP011

Pure white SP016

Quasar White SQ019

Ivory SI040

Serene SS023

Bliss SB022

Fog SF020

Iris SI056

Onyx ON095

Blonde SB043

California Poppy(N) SC052

Cool Mint SC063

Powder Blue SP063

Sunflower(N) SS042

Univers(N) SU053


Sanded Taupe ST486

Sanded Meadow SM465

Sanded Cream SM421

Sanded Icicle SI414

Sanded Birch SB412

Sanded Cornhusk SC443

Sanded Dover SD413

Sanded Gold Dust SG441

Sanded Linen SL443

Sanded Papyrus SP474

Sanded Sahara SS440

Sanded Vermillion SV430

Sanded Chestnut SC457

Sanded Clay SC475

Sanded Dark Nebula DN421

Sanded Mocha SM453

Sanded Grey SG420

Sanded Heron SH428

Sanded Tundra ST482

Sanded White Pepper WP410

Sanded Onyx SO423


Cotton White VC110

Morning Sky VM114

Beige Granite VB172

Urban Grey VU127

Delphi VD111

Dandelion VD175

Magnolia VM143

Natural Bridge VN144

Pastoral VP177

Loam VL155

Cloudbank VC118

Dawn VD126

Ocean View VO171

Presto VP159


Aspen Cliff AC652

Aspen Alder AA625

Aspen Concrete AC629

Aspen Glacier AG612

Aspen Lily AL645

Aspen Snow AS610

Aspen Fiesta AF611

Aspen Glow AG636

Aspen Stucco AS644

Aspen Brown AB632

Aspen Mine AM633

Aspen Grey AG620

Aspen Pepper AP640

Aspen Sky AS670


Collina Mirage PM879

Collina Chai PC829

Pebble Frost PF812

Pebble Swan PS813

Pebble Chiffon PC842

Pebble Coral PC817

Pebble Gold PG840

Pebble Saratoga PS820

Pebble Seastar PS843

Pebble Spinel PS854

Pebble Terrain PT857

Pebble Boulder PB852

Pebble Tea Rose PT845

Pebble Ebony PE814


Quarry Ridge QR278

Quarry Oyster TO310

Quarry Starred QS287


Crystal Sundance NS955


Metallic Yukon EY510

Metallic Satingold ES558

Metallic Sleeksilver ES581

Metallic Galaxy EG595


Sonoma FS143

Bronzestar FB154

Horizon FH114

Meteor FM111

Peak FP100

Polar FP111

Caraway FC155

Genesis FG174

Coffee Bean FC158

Radiance(Shimmer) FR148

Igneous FI187


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